Updated, modern bathrooms, a lovely and spacious kitchen with high-end upgrades, new flooring and beautiful Southern Living-worthy landscaping — sounds pretty awesome, right?

Yep, to you and just about every other house-hunter looking to buy a move-in ready home. While a house that’s perfect in every way just might not be a reality in this market (or in your price range), the team at 901 Properties is here to help you find the (future) home of your dreams.

Real estate inventory is low right now, and so are interest rates. What does that mean for someone looking to buy a move-in ready home? Two things:

  1. You should be prepared to pay top dollar. Move-in ready homes are hot commodities that everyone wants, so there aren’t usually deals on these properties.
  2. You need to be ready to move fast. If you’re willing to pay asking price, be prepared to move on it quickly because those houses are selling at lightning speed.

If you are not in a position to pay top dollar or move fast but still want a new-looking, updated home, don’t worry! 901 Properties has a solution. Consider this plan: find a house with “good bones” and make it your dream home. And we can be your guide! There’s a much greater inventory of fixer-upper homes on the market today, meaning you have an amazing opportunity to find a really great house that just needs a bit of tender, loving care to make it the home you’ve been searching for.

We get it, at first glance, when you look at some homes all you see is sledge hammers and dollar signs. But that’s not always the case! We have the experience and expertise to help you find the right kind of home, and we know where the spend the money for the best reno results.

Here’s the thing: aesthetic and cosmetic changes can be a simple, quick and often-times inexpensive way to make a house a home. And many of these can be DIY projects or even done by a professional without breaking the bank. Here are some not-so-scary updates to consider when looking at a home that’s not quite the dream – yet:

  1. Paint: This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to freshen up any room. Find colors that make the house feel like you – a cheery kitchen, a soothing master retreat, etc. And a fresh coat of paint can also make the place SMELL like new, covering any lingering odors from the previous owner. Don’t be afraid to paint trim and cabinets to give rooms a brand new look without the cost of actually replacing big-ticket items.
  2. Kitchen and bathroom hardware: Simply changing out all the handles on your cabinets and drawers can have a big impact. Your kitchen can go from late-90s to in-the-now with the twist of a screwdriver. And don’t underestimate the value of swapping out a faucet or light fixture to boot!
  3. Landscape: Cleaning up an unkempt yard and adding in some new, fresh bushes and flowers will boost your curb appeal in no time — making you and your neighbors happy. On the flip side, maybe you need to trim a few trees to bring some light into the property. Great curb appeal will not only make the neighborhood look great, but it will also make you happy every time you turn into your driveway, and that’s worth every penny.
  4. Area rugs: Don’t love those well-loved hardwood floors? Easily transform the room using area rugs. And rugs aren’t just for the family room. Have fun finding lively patterns or cushy shag to warm up your living room, bedrooms and even your dining room. Rugs these days don’t have to cost a fortune — even larger ones can be found online and at home improvement stores at affordable prices.
  5. Light fixtures: Not a fan of the gothic chandelier over the dining room table or the cherub sconces in the family room? Luckily, you can change the aesthetics AND brighten up a room with one easy swap. You’ll find a huge range of styles and prices at home improvement stores and all over the web. You might even be surprised at just how much a change in lighting can enhance your space and make the room feel more like “you.”

Sounds great, right? Well, when looking at houses that need a little love, there are a few things that should make you pause. Things like foundation issues, knocking down walls or even gutting entire rooms. These types of projects can become incredibly expensive and, of course, a safety concern. Each of these can be navigated, but be prepared with a heftier budget.

Remember, a move-in ready may work for you if you’re willing to pay more and do it quickly. Finding a house with a great layout that needs non-structural updates will cost less and give you the option to wield that design wand to suit your wants and needs. Whichever way you choose to go, we’ll help you find it at 901 Properties.

Here in the Memphis metro area, we do have some inventory for both move-in ready and fixer-upper options. And since we’re all about Memphis here at 901 Properties, we’re all about making sure you make a smart purchase that’s right for you (and your family).

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The Right Time to Buy and Sell is Now!

There’s no doubt that the global pandemic has brought chaos and uncertainty to numerous industries. It has also possibly made you realize that while you love your family, pets, plants – and whatever else may be filling up your house – that you need more space, or a patio or to be closer to a park. Maybe it’s a new layout or an extra bedroom you’re craving. Whatever it is that’s got you considering an address change, there’s good news. In many areas home values remain strong, and in a few key spots around Memphis, the real estate market is hot! 901 Properties is here to tell you why now is a time full of opportunities for buyers, sellers, refinancers and investors.

Let’s dive in…

For Sellers
Why it’s a good time to be a seller: home values are holding steady. The current market tells us that homeowners are confident in the value of their properties, and research shows that the majority of sellers are sticking to their asking prices and not offering discounts within the deal. And, more good news for sellers: interest rates are super low, like record-setting low. Now, you may be thinking, “That’s good for buyers, how does it help sellers?” Here’s how: A survey by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that nearly 45% of its members said they believe the low mortgage rates are encouraging buyers to house hunt. To sellers, that means there’s demand — a very good thing.

For Buyers
Why it’s a good time to be a buyer: interest rates are historically low. Of course, with amazing interest rates, buyers are on the prowl to lock in historically low interest rates for a mortgage. Savvy buyers know that if they wait too long, they just might miss out on this remarkable low-rate opportunity. On the other hand, with many people’s finances in question, there isn’t as much buyer competition. Less competition is a good thing for buyers who are actively looking.

For Refinancers
Why it’s a good time to refinance: you could reduce your monthly mortgage payment. Same story here: With incredibly low interest rates, smart homeowners should check with their mortgage lenders to see if their numbers make sense for a refi. Yes, there are costs involved in a refi, so you have to determine if it’s worth it. Consider this, too: Is a reduction in your monthly mortgage payment worth adding on a few years to your mortgage? Your mortgage broker should be able to easily help you out with those decisions, advising you based on your specific situation.

For Investors
Why it’s a good time for investors: many homeowners will be looking to sell.

Now is also an ideal time to consider buying a rental property as an investment. Why? Due to the circumstances of the coronavirus, many people unfortunately are not able to afford their houses anymore. This means there will be more supply available in the market. Plus, with so much economic and job uncertainty, some homeowners are considering switching from homeownership to renting a house — and if you own rentals, you’ll likely be able to get good tenants.

If your current financial situation is steady, buying a rental property now is a terrific way to create cash flow and build long-term wealth. Plus, our property managers here at 901 Properties can manage your rental property for you.

Staying Safe on the Real Estate Scene
Here are a few tips for staying safe during the pandemic while buying or selling:

  • Do video walkthroughs of properties.
  • If you see a property in person, bring hand sanitizer, wear a mask and gloves. And only the agent should open doors and closets, with gloves on, of course.
  • Realtors and attorneys are adapting to remote closings.

According to the experts, the national real estate market is experiencing an overall softening at this time and is forecasted to have a strong rebound after quarantines are lifted. The experts at 901 Properties want you to know that, in our area, there are ripe opportunities right now for buyers, sellers, refinancers and investors.

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Is Your Property “For Sale” Sign-Ready?

Getting your home ready to sell can be a big job, but if you take the time to do it right, it can also make a huge difference in market perception and even sales price. 901 Properties has the scoop on where to focus your time and effort to get the most bang for your buck.

Let’s get to it…

Clean and declutter
Yeah, we know this should be a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many times we’ve seen unkempt, disorganized and even dirty rooms. It’s an immediate turn-off to buyers.

Declutter first — remove nearly everything from kitchen counters, organize your home office, clear out the garage, clean out closets so they’re not packed full and look bigger, straighten up kids’ rooms and remove all their knickknacks, stuffed animals, trophies, etc.

So, where should you put all that stuff?

First, consider donating some of it. For the rest, if you have enough storage space in a basement or attic, neatly put it there. Otherwise, get an off-site, inexpensive storage unit.

Kitchen and bathrooms
It’s pretty expensive to fully update these spaces. (Though, if you have the money, it’s a great return on investment. Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes!)

A fresh coat of paint and new cabinet pulls and knobs are quick and cost-effective ways to enhance these important rooms. Here’s another tip: replace your old, dingy towels with clean, new ones.

Curb appeal
Simply make sure the lawn is mowed and bushes are trimmed. If there are any missing stones or bricks on a walkway, get them fixed — that could be a safety issue you certainly want to avoid.

Add some color with a fun doormat and potted flowers to make the front door more welcoming. A first impression is a BIG factor for buyers. A 2018 NAR survey showed that 17% of realtors said that a landscape maintenance project recently resulted in a sale.

While you might have been told that all family photos need to disappear when showing a house, that’s not quite true. Buyers can be inspired by your décor, and you do want the house to feel loved and lived-in. Do consider taking down any large wall displays with multiple frames that might make a space feel cluttered. The idea is to keep it simple, but still personal.

Bring Mother Nature inside
Put some lush green plants and colorful flowers around your house. It brings your space to life and makes it feel a little bigger, transitioning from outdoors into your home.

Light ‘em up
Take a look at your light fixtures, an often overlooked and forgotten showtime aspect. They can easily become outdated without anyone realizing it. You don’t need to replace EVERY light and can mainly just focus on ceiling fixtures. You can find affordable options at home improvement stores and on clearance online. And check your bulbs while you’re at it – adding the highest wattage that’s compatible with your fixtures will brighten the space and make the lighting feel more consistent throughout.

Add mirrors throughout the house because they add brightness by amplifying the natural light that comes into your space. Plus, they make rooms feel bigger.

Also, open the curtains to let natural light shine through and to show off the beauty of your home.

Follow these tips, and your home will be “For Sale” sign-ready!

We’re here to help.

Reach out to our experienced 901 Properties realtors and property managers for specific ideas on how to best prepare and stage your unique home to sell.

10 Overlooked Spring Cleaning Tips 

Spring brings beautiful weather, new life and an overwhelming urge to get your house in order. After months of being stuck indoors, it’s time to open up the windows, wipe off the dust and finally tackle that garage. As usual, 901 Properties is here to help!

Today, we’re sharing 10 tips for cleaning your house that will help you to maximize the sparkle and minimize the stress.

#1: Make a smart schedule
Writing out your game plan will help you stay focused. You can go room-by-room, completing each space before moving on to the next or choose to go task-by-task, vacuuming every room first, then cleaning the windows, then dusting, etc. You might also work best by “chunking your time” in 20 to 30-minute increments.

#2: Organize and purge
Instead of cleaning around items you don’t need – get rid of them! Studies show that a messy, disorganized home adds stress to your life. (Yikes.) As you’re organizing, fill three bins: one for donation, one for trash and one for recycling.

Declutter by:

  • Going through closets and dressers, getting rid of any and all clothes you don’t wear or that are outdated, dingy or just dunzo
  • Organize your office, recycle old documents, donate books you don’t need anymore, scan old papers to keep as digital copies and recycle the hard copies
  • Dive into the scary junk drawer, playroom and garage
  • Go through your makeup drawer and toss items you don’t use anymore
  • Organize your medicine cabinet and throw away expired items

#3 Get the fam to help
What’s gonna work? Teamwork! Yep, delegate some tasks. And mix it up so everyone gets to help with each job. Play some music to liven things up! (We won’t tell anyone that you totally used your broom as a microphone.)

#4: Filters
Replacing HVAC and furnace filters is often overlooked but shouldn’t be since it has such a huge impact on your air quality and utility bills. It’s a must!

#5: Kitchen sink, dishwasher, microwave
Stinky and musty? Cleaning sinks and dishwashers is easy and cheap.

  • Sink: Drop orange or lemon rinds into the disposal with cold water. Presto, cleano!
  • Dishwashers: Remove the bottom dish rack to clean food out of the drain. (Yeah, it’s kinda gross.) Then, put a cup of white vinegar in a dishwasher-safe container on the top rack. Run the hot-water cycle. Sprinkle one cup of baking soda on the bottom of the dishwasher and run a short, hot-water cycle.
  • Microwave: Put 1 cup of water and several tablespoons of vinegar in a microwave-safe bowl. Nuke it for a few minutes — until it begins to boil and steam up the window. Leave the cup inside, letting it cool for 15 minutes. Take the cup out and easily wipe down the inside with a sponge.

#6: Reusable grocery bags
These bags are wonderful for Planet Earth but can get yucky with all the food they carry, especially fruits and veggies. Turn the bags inside out and throw them in the washing machine.

#7: Refrigerator
Your fridge works hard! Show it some love. Take out all the food and shelving. Wipe down every part of the inside of the fridge with warm, soapy water.

#8: Shower curtain
You can wash a plastic or vinyl shower curtain. (Who knew?!) Toss it in the washing machine on the gentle cycle with detergent. Throw in a couple towels, which will help get the curtain cleaner. Hang it to dry.

#9: Shower drain
To freshen up the drains, mix 1/2 cup baking soda with 1/4 cup table salt. Pour it down the drain; then pour in 1 cup of heated vinegar. It’ll get bubbly and foamy. After 15 minutes, run hot water for 15–30 seconds.

#10: Windows
Use glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. It’s best to clean windows on a cloudy day because direct sunlight can lead to streaks. Wipe inside AND out. And don’t forget about the screen, too.

We hope your spring cleaning projects are relatively painless and help bring new life to your property.

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