When buying or selling a commercial property, local expertise is a must. 901 Properties knows Memphis and the surrounding area, and we’d like you to know more about how we can meet your commercial property needs.

Our boutique real estate firm prides itself on matching our commercial and investment clients with properties that are the perfect fit. With extensive experience, a broad range of expertise and in-depth area knowledge, 901 Properties can offer you critical insights on current opportunities and work with you to develop the right pricing and negotiation strategy for purchasing or selling your commercial property.

Live outside of Memphis but need to find office space or a warehouse in the Midsouth area? We can help with that, too. We frequently work with outside investors looking for an insider’s view of Midsouth commercial real estate offerings.

Commercial investment FAQs:

Why choose a smaller, boutique commercial real estate firm?
Our powerful, close-knit group of experts knows the local area better than anyone, and we thrive on making real connections with each and every client.

How do you match clients with properties?
Getting to know you is our first priority, because it’s the only way to match you with a property that’s a perfect fit for your commercial or investment needs. We listen to what you really want and need and make sure that you get the individual treatment you deserve.

When you say you are “all about Memphis,” what does that mean?
We’re dedicated to seeing our neighborhoods thrive and grow — and that includes representing commercial clients of all sizes in regional communities that touch the greater Memphis area, like towns in Mississippi and Arkansas.

What services do you offer beyond buying and selling properties?
Our specialists provide a multitude of commercial services that include value appraisal, managing upkeep, finding and vetting tenants, negotiating leases and assisting with various financing options.

How much will it cost to work with 901 Properties?
Nothing. Landlords budget in brokerage commissions, which are allocated to cover the fee for brokers on both sides, making it even more important that you bring experienced representation to the table to negotiate for you.

How do I know if investment property or commercial real estate is right for me?
The specialists at 901 Properties can help you navigate the Memphis real estate scene and develop a commercial real estate investment portfolio that’s customized to your business objectives and priorities.

Ultimately, why should I choose 901 Properties?
Our clients have come to expect a high level of service and trust that keeps them coming back to 901 Properties for all future commercial buying, selling or management needs. Our favorite type of customer is a repeat customer, so we’ll do whatever it takes to make your experience with us a positive one.

Commercial real estate basics you should know: 
- A commercial lease is different from a residential one. It indicates that the property is not for personal use and serves as a rental contract between a landlord and a business.

- Not all landlord terms are the same. We will carefully read your lease to be sure you’re getting the best terms possible and that there’s no funny business embedded in the “legalese” inside the contract.

- There are five types of commercial leases:

  • Percentage Lease
  • Gross Lease, or Full Service Lease
  • Net Lease
  • Double Net Lease
  • Triple Net Lease We’re well-versed in all types and will help to discern which is best for you.

- Supply and demand drives commercial real estate prices. This can be helpful to keep in mind when looking to find new properties and when negotiating a lease renewal. We can help you navigate when, where and how to choose the right property for you and your business.

- Three main factors affect the commercial real estate market:

  • Job growth
  • State of the economy
  • E-commerce (Online activity reduces the need for brick-and-mortar properties but increases industrial space needs.) Understanding and utilizing current market conditions is part of the value and expertise we bring to the table.

- Two main factors affect commercial property costs:

  • Property size
  • Location

We know the Memphis market and stay on top of availabilities to help you find just the right property, in the best location, at the right price.

- You have options:

Buy, lease and sub-lease. Many business owners have never considered owning versus leasing. While it can come with challenges, ownership can also bring many rewards, such as building equity, opportunity for additional income through leasing out extra space and even tax advantages. Our team of specialists can help you weigh the pros and cons and make an educated decision on what’s right for you and your business.

We hope that this information has been helpful and hope you will consider 901 Properties as your commercial real estate partner.